Three-colour motif

A second motif from my 2016 Advent Calendar. What would you like to make with this one?

In my Advent calendars, the mini projects are presented step by step over 4 or 5 days (depending on complexity). It a mini mystery CAL and sometimes, I build in a small surprise. Here, the motif starts out as a square in the center but ends up being circular.

You can download the pattern for the motif in pdf format here:

This motif would, of course, look lovely and interesting in a single colour, too!

My ideas for this motif can be found here.

And all the lovely interpretations are here!

Two-colour motif

If you’re like me, in these strange and troubled times, there are moments in your day when the feelings of anxiety and stress peak. This happens to me around 4 a.m. – I wake up and can’t go back to sleep.

To cope and feel a bit better, for the past few days, I have been crocheting motifs in the early mornings. One day, if I come up with something interesting enough, I will show you the result of these experiences at the break of day.

But right now, I’d love to share the first motif designed for my 2016 Advent Calendar. At the time, the instructions were distilled over several days on my blog. To facilitate things, I have made a recap pdf that you can download here:

My ideas for this motif can be found here.

And all the lovely interpretations are here!

How about you? What kinds of motifs do you like to make? And how do you use them? Do you make blankets, scarves or something else?

Substituting yarn

You know that I firmly believe that playing with yarn is a very efficient way to relieve anxiety – and this is something I think most of us need right now.

However, you might want to start a project for which you do not have the prescribed yarn at home. And for many of us, this is not a time to go yarn shopping.

I hope that this article on yarn substitution, from a few years ago, can be helpful, interesting, or thought-provoking!

Flower Brooch in leftover yarn

Here is my little layered flower, made using the tutorial I discussed yesterday.

I made it with some leftover Zauberball yarn. Since this yarn changes colours slowly, I took out some yarn between the layers to get better contrast.

So now I have a couple of tiny yarn balls. I might use them to make the back of the flower brooch, or for something else!

Shipping suspended

As of today, France is in lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

In order to minimize all risks, and not put a strain on postal services in the current situation, I am suspending all shipping of physical products.

This is a difficult and unprecedented situation, causing much anxiety. These past few days, I have found solace by knitting and crocheting while listening to podcasts and watching videos on fiber arts.

I’m planning to prepare some educational and hopefully entertaining content in the coming days and weeks. I will probably increase the publication frequency of my newsletter, to help those of you who so desire to take part in this. Feel free to subscribe to the newsletter (click here) to stay informed.

I will also continue to publish patterns. Pattern downloads continue to work as usual!

Take really good care of yourself and your loved ones.

Stripes by EclatDuSoleil: Colour Beams

As we’ve already seen, EclatDuSoleil/Hélène Marcy loves stripes and plays with them in her designs. Today I’d like to spotlight the shawl Colour Beams, a design where she took on a technical challenge: how can you produce vertical stripes when crocheting horizontally?

Hélène’s solution to the problem became the pattern for Colour Beams. Using only one colour on each row, the stitch pattern produces vertical solid-coloured “beams” throughout the center of the shawl!

To make her shawl Hélène used a self-striping and a solid-coloured yarn from her stash, but you could, of course, use two contrasting solid colours for a striking effect. My yarn suggestions can be found on the pattern page in the shop.

Check out the Colour Beams pattern in my shop!