Marie-Galante – a special kind of ripple

Ripple or chevron stitch patterns, those lovely zig-zagging waves are among the most classic crochet stitches. But this is a special kind of ripple!

When making Marie-Galante you will learn how to work ripple stitch on the bias!

Just make sure to take a good look at the chart or written instructions at the beginning and end of each row. The rest is worked just like any chevron pattern.

I got this idea when I was looking at crochet patterns using ripple stitch, and a question formed in my mind: Would it be possible to increase and decrease in a chevron pattern at the selvedge? I looked and looked at many patterns. All the projects were rather simple in shape, some had increases, but I couldn’t find one where the shaping occured at the edges of a project worked flat. Was this even possible to do?

Well, of course it was, because in crochet almost anything is possible. After many failed attempts, I ended up finding a system I liked – and the stitch pattern for Marie-Galante was born!

For this ripple stitch on the bias, I needed a yarn that would show it off. The choice of Whirl was very easy. With its changing colours, this yarn will hold your interest to the very end of a project. Once your stole finished, it will be a lovely complement to your wardrobe – I’m sure you can find a colourway to suit you.

I used the colour 778 Turkish Delight
This and many other colours of Whirl are available in my shop.

Whirl is a soft and lightweight yarn. The lightness is important here, since the stitch pattern is almost solid and therefore quite dense. Worked up in Whirl, Marie-Galante is also a pleasure to wear.

Marie-Galante worked in Zauberball 100 col Sphinx by Josiane S.

For a winter version, you could use a yarn such as the Zauberball 100. The crocheters who have made this substitution have found that the measurements remain very close to the original version.

Marie-Galante is now available in three languages: English, Spanish and French. You will find it in my webshop as well as on Ravelry.

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