Wool Finest: In proper light

A new, gorgeous colour in the Wool Finest range: In Proper Light.

This is a green-tinted yellow, with hints of grey. Beautiful on its own, I think it really shines combined with other colours.

Or why not use one gorgeous skein and make a luscious little project, such as the Ava scarf:

Wool Finest is a 100 % merino wool in semi-solid colours, available in the shop.

A summer blanket: Colourful Hug in Whirl

Once upon a time, there was a lovely blanket, designed by EclatDuSoleil/Hélène Marcy to display the beauty of the Mini Mochi yarn: the Colourful Hug blanket.

After some time, the Mini Mochi yarn was discontinued, and Hélène’s lovely pattern was alone without a corresponding yarn.

Then one day, my customer Chantal told me about an idea she had: to crochet Colorful Hug as a summer blanket, in Whirl (replacing the Mini Mochi) and Whirlette (replacing the solid coloured fingering weight merino in the original version).

I checked the yardage and thought that it could work. I knew Chantal as a talented crocheter, and suggested that she’d try it out.

Chantal made a blanket in Whirl Key Lime Pi and Whirlette Kiwi, quickly adopted by a family with a new-born baby.

For her second blanket, Chantal chose Whirl Red Velvet Sunrise and Whirlette Grappa, and went down a hook size to a 3 mm hook. This blanket is now a source of joy and comfort for a baby boy and his parents.

Her family still growing, Chantal currently has a third blanket in the works. And she, Hélène and I have decided that its’ time to show this great idea to everyone!

To play with squares and colours, I offer 8 versions of the kit Colourful Hug in Whirl and Whirlette.

Hélène/EclatDuSoleil generously gifts you the pattern when you buy a kit – you only need to add the pattern to your cart, and the price will be deducted before payment.

Which colours will you choose for your summer blanket ?

Life Style – new yarn

A super soft merino wool yarn in 6 happy colours at a perfect sportweight gauge – it’s Life Style, a brand new yarn in my shop.

With a standard knitting gauge at 24 sts per 10 cm(4″) on a 3.5 mm (US 4) needle, the possibilities are endless!

In crochet or knitting, play around with colours in mosaic or tapestry/stranded patterns!

Want to make a garment and need more yarn? Just let me know, I’ll get it for you!

All the details about the Life Style yarn are in my shop!


I’m happy to introduce my latest design: Squarely, a crochet scarf.

I wanted to make a crochet design based on angular motifs. This led me to developing this original stitch pattern. In the pattern, it is explained both in written form and as charts.

To bring this theme all the way to the border, I imagined little square “pendants”. You will find a step-by-step tutorial for the pendants in the pattern.

The Squarely pattern is available in the shop, and on Ravelry!

Stripes by EclatDuSoleil: Colour Beams

As we’ve already seen, EclatDuSoleil/Hélène Marcy loves stripes and plays with them in her designs. Today I’d like to spotlight the shawl Colour Beams, a design where she took on a technical challenge: how can you produce vertical stripes when crocheting horizontally?

Hélène’s solution to the problem became the pattern for Colour Beams. Using only one colour on each row, the stitch pattern produces vertical solid-coloured “beams” throughout the center of the shawl!

To make her shawl Hélène used a self-striping and a solid-coloured yarn from her stash, but you could, of course, use two contrasting solid colours for a striking effect. My yarn suggestions can be found on the pattern page in the shop.

Check out the Colour Beams pattern in my shop!

Stripes by EclatDuSoleil: A Striped Life

It’s not only in her latest pattern Blue Song that EclatDuSoleil/Hélène Marcy plays with crochet stripes!

In the pattern A Striped Life, Hélène plays with narrow stripes on three versions of a shawl with different borders.

To create one-row stripes without cutting the yarn each time, Hélène explains her method in the pattern. I provide you with an alternative in my crochet tutorial from June 2014.

The shawls were crocheted by Hélène in fingering weight yarn from her stash, comparable to my fingering weight merino, the Zauberball 100 or Balayage.

The pattern for A Striped Life, including three different versions, is available in the shop.

Kits for Brioche Seeds

A short presentation of the Brioche Seeds kits – don’t forget that the pattern is free when you buy the kit, only until Thursday 12 March 2020 at midnight (CET – Paris time)!

To take advantage of the offer, simply put the pattern for Brioche Seeds and one of the Brioche Seeds kits in your cart and place your order before Thursday 12 March 2020 at midnight (CET – Paris time).

This is also an opportunity to discover the Hanfwerk yarn, made from 90% organic merino and 10% hemp.

The small percentage of hemp gives the yarn more body than a pure merino wool, which means that it works beautifully for textured stitch patterns.

It really shines in brioche stitch, and would also enhance any cable pattern.

If you want to try the Brioche Seeds pattern, take advantage of the offer so you can also experience this yarn!

Brioche Seeds in the shop.

5 different Brioche Seeds kits (don’t forget to add the pattern to your cart).

Hanfwerk yarn in organic merino and hemp.