Bluebird in Whirl!

A beautiful shawl by Chantal, who chose to work the Bluebird design by EclatDuSoleil using a ball of Whirl in the colour Forbidden Fuchsia. I find this fuchsia Bluebird magnificent - congratulations to Chantal for her excellent idea, her perfect execution of it and a great photo! If this inspires you, you can find the Bluebird pattern here and the Whirl yarn there.

Whirl Jade JimJam and Licorice YumYum

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. - Oscar Wilde And this, my friends, is the reason why the very reasonable restocking of the colourway Licorice YumYum also entails the addition of a new Whirl colourway, 560 Jade JimJam. Would you like to yield to temptation yourself, you can find all colours of the Whirl yarn cakes in the shop.

Organic cotton for spring!

Dive into the gorgeous colours of organic cotton to celebrate spring and prepare for summer. What do you want to make? A lovely little capelet to wear over a summer dress? A snuggly moebius scarf that will never itch? Or perhaps you want to knit an easy summer shawl? Check out the lovely organic cotton options in the shop!

Chevrons again

In this week's swatch I'm revisiting my work on increases and decreases in a chevron pattern. I discussed increases and decreases in chevron patterns in my newsletters for July/August and September 2018. The concept still needs some work and in this week's swatch I aligned the vertical repeats so they match for increases and decreases (meaning that the increases/decreases are made over the same...

Stripes in dc and sc

In this swatch of the week, I played around with a stripe where dc's and sc's are alternating on the same row. I presented a version of this stitch pattern in my newsletter for October 2018. I wanted to see if I could "lighten up" this stitch pattern by inserting ch spaces. To do this, I had to widen the stitch groups - this test was made with groups formed by 7 dc/sc. It's interesting to notice...

Swatch in mosaic crochet

If you know me already, you might be aware that I'm a little bit weird...I love swatching! Here is a swatch inspired by my recent newsletters about mosaic crochet worked flat. Here, I've just worked vertical lines. I love the fact that these lines are not perfectly straight and smooth. They make me thing of some kind of assembly toy, where you attach straight pieces to one another using small...