Stripes in dc and sc

In this swatch of the week, I played around with a stripe where dc’s and sc’s are alternating on the same row. I presented a version of this stitch pattern in my newsletter for October 2018.

I wanted to see if I could “lighten up” this stitch pattern by inserting ch spaces. To do this, I had to widen the stitch groups – this test was made with groups formed by 7 dc/sc.

It’s interesting to notice how the original stitch pattern (at the bottom of the swatch), which has a rounded appearance, becomes much more “square” when adding the spaces. In reality, I added a small piece of filet crochet to the pattern.

This swatched was worked in organic cotton, using the colors damson and tussilago, with a 4 mm (US G-6) hook.

Swatch in mosaic crochet

If you know me already, you might be aware that I’m a little bit weird…
I love swatching!

Here is a swatch inspired by my recent newsletters about mosaic crochet worked flat. Here, I’ve just worked vertical lines. I love the fact that these lines are not perfectly straight and smooth. They make me thing of some kind of assembly toy, where you attach straight pieces to one another using small balls.

In this swatch I played with increases, inserted between the red lines. I haven’t seen shaping incorporated in mosaic patterns so far, but I think the idea has potential. What do you think?

This swatch was worked in organic cotton, using the colours anemone red and heathered light grey. I used a 4 mm (US G-6) hook.

Flower brooch

Welcome, readers of Simply Crochet !

If you are looking for the layered flower brooch featured in issue 81, the tutorial is here.

The flower was included in my newsletter in May 2010. I still publish my newsletter every month, with an in-depth crochet tutorial free of charge. You can find the one from January 2019, the first in a series on mosaic crochet, by clicking here.

If you enjoy it, and you are as passionate about crochet as I am, please feel free to subscribe!

Organic merino and hemp – meet the Hanfwerk yarn

It was love at first touch between me and this new yarn.

Hanfwerk is a yarn composed by 90% organic merino and 10% hemp. Each skein of 50g holds 150 meters (165 yds) of subtly nuanced yarn.

The stitch definition is glorious in both knitting and crochet. I got the manufacturer’s knitting gauge of 24 sts to 10 cm (4″) on a 3 mm needle. In crochet, a 4 mm hook is perfect.

Currently available in three soft neutral hues, there are more colours to come – if you like it, of course!

Get to know the Hanfwerk yarn in organic merino and hemp in the shop!

New international shipping option

I am very happy to be able to offer a new, much more affordable international shipping option: Delivengo.

This option is available for shipping outside France up to 2 kg. It will work for most yarn orders, but might not be available for heavy books.

As always, I apply a standard shipping fee to your orders, so you know beforehand how much shipping will cost. For shipping with Delivengo, this fee is:

– 7.80€ for destinations within the EU (outside France)
– 8.50€ for Switzerland and countries outside the EU

If you have any questions regarding shipping and shipping fees, feel free to send me an email.

Delivengo is trackable, but the packet will be left in your mailbox or at your door, without signature. If you want a delivery with signature, please choose La Poste (French postal services).

Advent Calendar – Round-up 5

And last but not least: flower number 4!

My inspiration was the poinsettia, I think you guessed that…

Glorious flowers by Brigitte, Brigitte, Catherine, Claire, Claire, Flo, France and Martina.

And splendid blooms by Moucui, Myriam, Nathalie, Sandrine, Shaylee, Stéfany, Sylvie and Sylvie!

Once more, a huge thank you to the participants in the 2018 Advent Calendar. Your participation and enthusiasm gives this annual project all its meaning. I hope to see you again in December 2019!

Advent Calendar – Round-up 4

The time has come to show you how the participants in the Advent Calendar interpretated my flower design number 3.

These rosebuds on a background of slender leaves were very popular – even if many among us wondered what the first steps would lead to!

Beautiful winter roses by Sabine, Annie, Brigitte, Camille, Catherine, Claire, Claire, Fabienne and Flo.

Lovely bouquets by France, Laurence, Marie-Aude, Marie-Hélène, Martina, Mireille, Moucui, Myriam and Nathalie.

Glorious bunches by Raphaël, Sandrine, Shaylee, Sophie, Stéfany, Sylvie, Sylvie, Valérie and Valérie!

Each flower has its own character, reflecting each crocheter’s creativity!

Advent Calendar – Round-up 3

It’s time to have a look at the lovely interpretations of flower number 2 in my Advent Calendar!

retty flowers made by Brigitte, Brigitte, Camille, Catherine, Claire, Esther, Flo, France, Isabelle and Laurence.

Fabulous versions by Marie-Aude, Marie-Hélène, Martina, Michèle, Mireille, Moucui, Myriam, Nathalie and Ploum.

Beautiful contributions by Raphaële, Shaylee, Sophie, Sophie, Stéfany, Sylvie, Sylvie, Sylvie, Valérie and Valérie.

Many thanks to all who participated – see you soon for flower number 3!